A "traditional burial" in the UK involves the interment of the deceased's body, usually in a grave at a cemetary or a churchyard. 
Cemeteries are usually non-denominational, therefore most types of funeral service are allowed. Advice will be available from the ministers or religious organisation to which the deceased may have belonged. If you choose to be buried in a churchyard, then the type of funeral/ceremony will be dictated by the particular faith practiced there. 
Grave Plots in cemeteries can on occasions be pre-purchased. The person who has died may already have arranged a grave space in a churchyard or cemetery which may be included in the will or papers. If a plot has already been purchased in a cemetery there will be a Deed of Grant, which should be amongst the deceased papers or left with a member of the family. 
The cost of a burial plot varies tremendously depending on the location. If the deceased lived out of the Parish for a period of 2 years then the fees will mostly double. Most burial plots are sold on a leasehold basis of usually between 30 and 50 years. When a lease is coming to its end, the relatives of the deceased are usually asked to consider extending the lease for a fee.  
Consecrated churchyards are slightly different. Every parishioner has a right of burial in their local churchyard, provided there is space available and the churchyard has not been closed for burials by Order of the Council. In addition, any person whose name is on the electoral roll of the parish at the time of their death also has a right to burial, as does any person dying in the parish, whoever that person is. Any exceptions to this must have the consent of the church authority who's decision is final, and some churches and parishes have their own slight variations (especially when it comes to memorial types), so best to check with the local priest or minister first. 
As an alternative to a Church service, you may of course opt for a graveside service, this can be conducted around the grave, with music of your choice to enhance the type of service that you require. 
At Wessex Funeral Services we have put together a package to attempt to give you an idea of pricing and give you peace of mind, this price will not increase unless you have added other service requirements. (as listed below) 
The Wessex Burial Package 
This service offers an all inclusive burial for a fixed fee. 
This option includes: 
Funeral Director's Professional Services and Advice (24 Hours) 
Care of the Deceased in our Chapel of Rest 
Provision of Hearse and Bearers 
Hearse to travel via home and the Church of direct to the cemetery 
A Superior Quality veneered Coffin 
A temporary engraved grave marker 
Collection of the Deceased within 70 miles of Southampton 
Viewing in the Chapel of Rest (no restriction on times) 
Full Colour Order of Service 
Minister or Celebrant Fees 
A dedicated online memorial page including online donations 
An additional fee of £175 will be applied for any collection out of working hours (working hours are Mon - Fri, 9am to 4.30pm). 
£2395 Inclusive of the above (Doctor's fees do not apply for a burial). 
Additional fees according to the location and your wishes 
Church Fees 
Churchyard Fees 
Interment Fees 
Embalming Fees 
Newspaper announcements 
Cemetery Fees 
A Coffin of your choice 
Wessex Funeral Services – Fees 
Our fees include: 
Removal and collection of the deceased. 
A Hearse. 
A fee for our professional services. 
Our services include: 
Meeting in your home or our premises to discuss arrangements and advice on certification, registration and other documentation. 
Preparation and care of the deceased. 
Attending to the necessary requirements. 
Unlimited viewing in our Chapel of Rest. 
The payment of the necessary disbursement fees. 
The placing of newspaper notices. 
Arrangement for floral tributes. 
List of donors if required. 
Forwarding of donations to any selected charity. 
Making other arrangements as instructed. 
Provision and attendance of pall bearers and Funeral Director. 
In alignment with new legislation coming into effect from the 16th September 2021, by order of the Competition and Markets Authority, Funeral Directors are required to offer a 'Standardised Price List' that reflects the basic services for both an Attended and Unattended Funeral. As such, we have provided the following: 
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